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Back to School Essentials


Back to School

It’s time to get ready for Back to School, and we couldn’t be more excited! I wanted to put together a blog post of our top resources that will help you start the year feeling inspired, confident, and prepared for the ENTIRE year.

State Teacher Tees

Team Teacher State Shirts! Free Shipping on orders of 12 shirts or more.

All 50 states are available on our website.

Stay Humble and Kind

NEW ARRIVAL: Stick to Being Humble and Kind Tee

Writing All Year

Monthly Writing Stations for the ENTIRE Year: Each monthly packet is a perfect addition to your Writing Stations! This bundle includes writing stations ideas for the ENTIRE year! You can easily store the colored Word Walls and Around the Room cards in a manilla envelopes. Then all other activities are easily just Just Print and Go!

QR Codes

Monthly QR Codes for the ENTIRE Year: What are QR Codes? They are like barcodes. They can be scanned with an iPod, iPad, a smart phone, scanner for your computer, or tablet. Download a QR code scanner for FREE on the App Store. There are several free apps to choose from.

Do you have students coming up saying they can’t type the address in correctly to get to the story? QR Codes are so easy for students to scan and go directly to the story without having to ask for help. Students simply choose a story they want to listen too, SCAN It, PLAY IT, and LISTEN TO IT. The IPad’s are large and easy for students to scan. Each iPad is 3.5 X 5.

Writing Journals

Notebook Bundle Phonics

Phonics-Based Writing Prompts: These pre-made writing prompts are designed to complement my Kindergarten Reading Passages and First Grade reading passages. This not only helps students build confidence in their reading comprehension, but at the same time they are building stronger literacy skills.

Phonics Comprehension Journal

Phonics-Based Interactive Notebooks: These interactive activities are designed to complement my Kindergarten Reading Passages and First Grade reading passages. These activities are designed to meet multiple learning styles at one time. These fun and engaging activities will extend their learning in 125 different phonics skills.

Phonics-Based Reading Passages

Level 1 Phonics-Based Reading Passages: All Year covers 124 different phonics skills. There are two versions in this packet included of the same reading passages. {with picture clues and without} UK version is available upon request.

Level 2 Phonics-Based Reading Passages: ALL YEAR covers 125 different phonics skills. These reading passages can be used in whole group, small groups, ESL, individual work, special education classrooms, intervention classes, homeschool parents, homework, etc. {UK version is available on request}

Prefix suffix reading

Prefix and Suffix Reading Passages: Activities for students to decipher the prefix or suffix and root words.

All my Interactive Reading Passages can be used in multiple ways to meet the needs of all the students in your classroom.

Your choice to use as a Print and Go printable or you have the option to minimize pages for Comprehension Notebooks.

All reading passages comes with word work and writing activities to correspond with the reading passage.

Classroom Decor Themes: click the links below to check out the decor sets.

Frog Themed Classroom Decor {Pink and Green Chevron}

Bright Chevron and Owls Classroom Decor

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Classroom Decor {Classic}

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Tree Frogs Classroom Decor

Wacky Themed Classroom DecorYou can also still find all my digital resources on my TPT store.


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