Monthly Writing Stations

Monthly Writing Stations

Monthly Writing StationsWriting is the most advanced literacy skill. To put it simply if you work with kids how to improve their reading, but neglect to help them develop good penmanship; they are only developing half the skills that they need in literacy development. YIKES! Literacy contains a many skills and a balance must be maintained while learning to reach each milestone of development.

Monthly Writing StationsThese writing stations include, having activities daily, weekly, or even monthly that can foster a rich learning environment for new writers. Some learners will even get excited about “writing station time”, I’m not kidding they will.

Personally, I enjoy watching kids write to see the development of fine motor skills, spelling and comprehension of a task. Simply watching a student read is a poor indicator of fine motor skills, spelling knowledge or comprehension. So maintain that balance with a specific time to write daily, weekly, and monthly.Monthly Writing Stations

Make these writing stations fun and interactive! Remember if they are boring for you … the kids will agree with you. Studies have shown that students learn better in an active learning environment. Can you believe that active learning can double their comprehension rate compared to those using traditional methods?

Monthly Writing Stations

Writing Station Activities

But have no fear! If you are not very creative I have plenty of ideas and activities to get you started! The variety of activities are endless, for instance you can have a student write a sentence about a picture. Maybe write letters to mom and dad after a long day of school. Have students practice spelling by writing labels on items in a classroom picture worksheet. I have found that kids really enjoy the word scramble activity. This activity not only helps students become better spellers but it also gets them more curious about letter sounds.

The teacher could even do a simple activity such as a word list that students simply copy. If you find your child is not very interested in writing, try writing for them as they speak. The student will then become more interested in writing through watching. Also don’t forget to make it fun for them, have them color in the activities too.Monthly Writing StationsMonthly Writing Stations

Monthly Writing StationsMonthly Writing StationsMonthly Writing Stations


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